Silly stuff: Shaq breaks down a Heat fart; Riggle on hosting ESPYs

OK, the site hasn’t even been up for a week and we’ve got the first analysis of a fart. So much for my vow of not posting low-brow stuff.

Shaquille O’Neal breaks down “a four-deep” fart on the Miami bench during TNT’s coverage Thursday night.

Clearly it caught host Ernie Johnson off guard. “All they (producers) told me was, ‘Go to Shaq on playoff intensity,'” he said.

Also, it is interesting to note in a TNT release on comments from last night, there was no mention of O’Neal’s sterling analysis of the unfortunate turn of events.

Riggle-mania: Speaking of releases, Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch did a tweet noting the curious mix of quotes in ESPN’s announcement that Rob Riggle will host this year’s ESPYs.

From the release:

Additionally, Riggle is currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and has served oversees in Liberia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

“The ESPYS are proud to support Disney’s ‘Heroes Work Here’ program and we’re honored to have a Marine Corps officer serve as this year’s host,” said ESPN’s EVP of Programming and Acquisitions, Norby Williamson. “Rob’s diverse background and comic style will bring new elements to the show and we’re looking forward to an entertaining show that will speak to the core sports fan.”

Very nice, serious, proper, right? Then it is Lieutenant Colonel Riggle’s turn.

“Why me? Straight up sex appeal. I know guys like Justin Timberlake and Seth Meyers are sexy… What can I say, I’m just another link in that sexy chain,” said Riggle. “I couldn’t be more honored to be the host of the ESPYS!  I just hope they let me do my Karate demo!”

Can’t wait.



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