Sports Media Friday: Bill Simmons to resume podcasts; Tribune columnist wants his drink from Joe Maddon

bill-simmonsSpanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sports media:

Chad Finn of the Boston Globe has the latest on Bill Simmons resuming his podcasts.

It still has not been revealed where his writing will be found or whether he will launch another Grantland-style site. But Simmons has dropped some details on Twitter regarding the podcast, and an industry source with knowledge of his plans revealed further information on what’s to come.

The podcast will be called The Bill Simmons Podcast rather than the B.S. Report. It will return Oct. 1 with two podcasts, then two more will be available Oct. 2. After that, three podcasts per week will be produced in the first six months. It will be found in the usual places initially – iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Spotify, and so on – and a specific web page will eventually be created as a landing spot.

The content will be familiar to his regular listeners, with the Guess The Lines podcast with Cousin Sal available on Mondays. There will be an NFL picks-focused podcast on Fridays, with Simmons’s friend Joe House, a familiar guest on the ESPN version of the podcast. Media members and celebrity guests will appear on other podcasts.

Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune has an amusing column on how he still hasn’t received his drink from Joe Maddon.

But as designated spokesman for the Chicago baseball media, I do have a bone to pick with Maddon. He still owes us all a drink, or two if you consider a shot and a beer multiple drinks.

Flash back to that November afternoon at the Cubby Bear, where Maddon sat behind a table with President Theo Epstein and general manager Jed Hoyer, drinking Guinness out of a can.

After Maddon left the podium to do some TV interviews, I swiped the can to see how much he actually drank. It turned out to be less than a quarter of a tall boy, or as Chicagoans say, “a sip.”

According to my calculations, Maddon’s offer to buy us a round was not the result of being too tipsy, as frequently happens in bars, and it was not a staged piece of Cubbyness for the cameras. It was a legit offer.

But we, the media, were too busy interviewing Maddon, Epstein, Hoyer and agent Alan Nero to partake. Maddon’s kind gesture went nationwide, but the reality is he didn’t buy us any drinks.

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