Sports Media Friday: Will Undefeated ever launch? Sexual harassment on the beat; Media loves Spieth

Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sports media:

Richard Sandomir of the New York Times has the latest of what’s happening, or not happening, with ESPN’s Undefeated.

More than two years into the gestation of The Undefeated, ESPN’s website about sports and race, the site exists in digital limbo.

It has no start date. It has no permanent leader. Its seven writers are still reporting stories, but they must find editors in other parts of ESPN because the site lacks an editorial infrastructure.

For now, The Undefeated is a shell of what it aspires to be: Its home page serves only to link to eight articles, three of them posted since the departure of Jason Whitlock, the site’s founding editor in chief. Whitlock, who had been hired by ESPN’s president, John Skipper, was ousted two months ago, reportedly amid concerns about his divisive management style.

The current plan is to post one piece a week until a launch that may not happen for several more months. Many, including those inside and outside ESPN, have begun to wonder if it will happen at all.

Richard Deitsch of talks to women reporters about encountering sexual harassment on the beat.

Barrett Sports Media thinks it is time for more women to be featured on sports talk radio.

Bryan Curtis of Grantland examines why the media loves Jordan Spieth.

Dan Levy of Awful Announcing writes about Robert Griffin III’s problems with the media.

Michael Bradley of the National Sports Journalism Center believes NBC made a mistake replacing Mike Mayock with Doug Flutie on Notre Dame football.

Ken Fang of Awful Announcing has a Q/A with Adam Schein about his new show on CBS Sports Network.

Neil Best of Newsday with a great column remembering the days of Sports Phone.

Tim Graham of the Buffalo News discusses his approach to writing long features with Mark Selig of Backstory.

Sports Book Reviews has a review of “Split Season” by Jeff Katz about the 1981 strike-plagued year in baseball. I read the book and highly recommend.




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