Still the best: Dan Jenkins’ Twitter is a must-follow during Ryder Cup

One of the highlights of covering a Ryder Cup is being in the same press room as Dan Jenkins.

At age 82, the Hall of Famer is covering his 1,003,416 major golf tournament, dating back to 543 B.C. Or something like that, as he would say.

Once again, Jenkins is tweeting his thoughts, easily the best thing about Twitter. Make a point of following him at @danjenkinsgd.

Nobody does it better in 140-characters. I told him I won’t be satisfied until I see a tweet referring to Lou Graham, who won the 1975 U.S. Open at Medinah.

Here are some of the best from the best:

One theory why Tiger didn’t sit after the erratic display this morning: Maybe one of those stray drives hit Davis in the head.


Westwood and Sergio had a dogfight to see which European could play as bad as Tiger this morning. Westwood won.


Still trying to figure out the color of the European sweaters. Looks like they were going for lime and didn’t quite make it.


Nineteen holes into his Ryder Cup career, this Bradley guy is the best Keegan in Ryder Cup history.

This is my fifth time at Medinah after two U.S. Opens and two PGAs, and the clubhouse still looks like the Babylon Marriott.


As for water hazards, Medinah’s Lake Kadijah is the hardest to spell or pronounce.

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