Stopwatch patrol: All hail 2:02 game on Sunday night

Did ESPN ask for a partial refund?

Last night, the Sunday primetime crew witnessed St. Louis and Adam Wainwright knock off Cincinnati 2-1 in a game that took 2:02. I can’t remember a quicker Sunday night game.

The fast game would have allowed ESPN to air a bonus “30 for 30” if it so desired.

The previous Sunday night, it took 3:24 for the Yankees’ 14-4 win over Boston. While still a slog, that actually was quicker than previous years.

It appears as if MLB’s pick-up-the-pace initiative is working to some extent. Games seem to be moving faster.

However, there’s still room for improvement. On Saturday afternoon, I tuned into the Baltimore-Boston game. I had Orioles starter Chris Tillman on my Dick Allen MVP fantasy team.

It was a labor to get through it. The Orioles held a 2-1 lead for most of the game until adding two runs in the ninth for a 4-1 victory. Gametime: 3:24.

Way too long for that kind of low-scoring game. At least I got a victory from Tillman.




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