Sun-Times editor reprimands Joe Cowley

New Sun-Times editor Jim Kirk has weighed in on Joe Cowley.

Cowley has been under considerable fire since a series of offensive tweets about women went viral on Sunday. He is getting pounded from many points on the Internet.

Kirk, who was named editor last week, is quoted in a Chicago Tribune story:

“Recently, a reporter in our newsroom, Joe Cowley, made offensive comments on his Twitter account. The Chicago Sun-Times is an institution with important social responsibilities, and we expect those who represent our paper to act with the respect and sensitivity that our readers deserve. Mr. Cowley’s remarks were offensive and he has been reprimanded appropriately.”

Cowley continues to write for the Sun-Times.. He has done three stories since Sunday.  He still is listed as a columnist on the Sun-Times’ site. His last column in his archive is from April 22.

Deadspin did an original post on Cowley’s twitter exchange with a woman sportswriter Sunday. It has followed up with two more posts.

Various other outlets have weighed in, blasting Cowley.



One thought on “Sun-Times editor reprimands Joe Cowley

  1. If the Sun Times editor Jim Kirk has any sense of journalistic integrity he would fire Cowley. The use of the word pig to describe him and his rants does not begin to adequately describe the depths to which he has sunk. You think the Sun Times management would have learned from their experinces with Jay Mariotti, but apparently they have not.

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