Sunday funnies: Charley Steiner recalls memorable ESPN ‘Melrose Place’, ‘Freedom’ ads

To celebrate episode No. 50,000 of SportsCenter Thursday, ESPN did a long conference call that included Charley Steiner.

Steiner, now an announcer for the Dodgers, was a SportsCenter anchor from 1988-2002. While he was great in the chair, he also is fondly remembered for some classic ESPN ads.

Steiner recalled his favorites during the teleconference.

Two things come immediately to mind.  The one we went and did, Melrose Place, Bobby the pool boy, Sydney.  We’d go out there.  We’re on this big Hollywood set.  All the women on the show didn’t know me from Adam.  They were scared to death that they might have their reputations sullied by being something on SportsCenter with the short, fat guy.

The guys, on the other hand, were all congregating around, talking sports.  This is pretty cool.  Then Sydney thought it would be a career-ender.  Little did she know she was so right, but that didn’t matter.  That spot had some pretty good wings to it.

It was the only time I wore a tank top.  Anybody who might remember the spot knows why.

The other one was the Follow Me to Freedom.  We did about four different lines at the end.  Follow Me to Freedom was just one of four that was selected by the producer and the director.  Others were something like I’ll Lead You to the Underground, All is Well, Brothers and Sisters, all that kind of crap.


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