Super Bowl review: How long before Johnny Weir-Tara Lipinski become co-anchors of NBC Nightly News?

My Chicago Tribune review of watching way too much Super Bowl coverage yesterday.

You also can access here via my Twitter feed at @Sherman_Report.

Some excerpts:


Observations of the stuff that aired in between commercials Sunday:

* How long before Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski replace Brian Williams as co-anchors of NBC’s Nightly News?

* Al Michaels opened the game by saying, “The footballs have been weighed and measured, I guarantee it.” The NFL, though, denied NBC’s request to film the actual process. Now that would have been good television, but apparently the league didn’t want to add to the sideshow.

* Michaels, who worked his ninth Super Bowl, knows how to drive the telecast in the big game. He is a pro who hits all the right notes. He will be 73 when he does his 10th Super Bowl in 2018. It won’t be his last.

* Leave it to Bob Costas to pin down Tom Brady on “deflatgate.” The Patriots QB sure sounded guilty based on his non-answers to Costas’ pointed questions.

Cris Collinsworth clearly wasn’t buying, saying the interview raised doubts about Brady’s innocence.

* Not sure who is giving PR advice to Commissioner Roger Goodell, but he deserves to be pounded for refusing to grant NBC an interview Sunday. It takes a lot of nerve to tell Marshawn Lynch he has to talk and then duck a TV partner that pays the league billions.

* Speaking of not talking, NFL Network’s Michael Silver showed a side of Lynch and his work in his hometown of Oakland. Rich Eisen wondered, “Why couldn’t he talk about that?”

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