Q/A with author of new Manziel e-book: Challenges were somewhat significant

Johnny Football, aka Johnny Manziel, should help deliver Fox Sports a strong rating tonight for Texas A&M-Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl.

The Heisman Trophy winner as a freshman is the hottest thing going in college football. People want to know more about him.

HarperCollins sought to get in on the hoopla with a new e-book: Johnny Football: Johnny Manziel’s Road from the Texas Hill Country to the top of College Football.

Written by Josh Katzowitz, the book is more like an extended 11,000-word profile. Priced at $1.99, it is designed to capitalize quickly on the interest surrounding Manziel.

In a Q/A, Katzowitz talks about the challenges of turning around the project with such a tight deadline, and what this type of e-book could mean for the future in publishing.

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Sunday books: Q/A with Marty Appel on his ultimate book about Yankees

You could fill a library with all the books written about the Yankees and their players. And leave room for one more: I’m working on a book on the myth and reality of the Babe Ruth “Called Shot” homer.

Indeed, the stories are endless. Marty Appel ties them all together in his new book, Pinstripe Empire: The New York Yankees from before the Babe to after the Boss.

It is a 620-page epic with everything in there. Lots of good stories and baseball history.

Here’s my Q/A with Appel:

How far back do you go with the Yankees?

As a fan, back to the 1955 World Series. As an employee, the 1968 season, Mantle’s last, when I was hired to answer his fan mail.

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More rips from Harmon and Feherty; More sales for Haney’s book

Perhaps Hank Haney should send thank you cards to Butch Harmon and David Feherty. They were the latest big names to question Haney’s motivation for writing a book about Tiger Woods.

All the chatter does is keep The Big Miss in the news. The end result has Haney’s book No. 3 on the current New York Times’ bestseller list. It actually had been No. 1, and with spring blooming in the Northeast and Father’s Day approaching (hey, let’s get Dad a golf book), it should rise to the top again.

It’s all happening either despite or because of constant criticism Haney did wrong by discussing the inside story of his relationship with Woods. In an interview with Golf Channel’s Morning Drive show Monday, David Feherty said:

The fact that Hank wrote the book – I wouldn’t have written the

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