Sports analysts weigh in on debate between Obama-Lama and Rawlings Mitt Romney

Forget about what Blitzer, Maddow and O’Reilly had to say about last night’s debate. This is a sports media site. So we asked the various announcers and analysts for their assessment.

Jon Gruden: This guy, this Mitt Romney. I’ve been watching him for years. He always has a knack for coming up with the big play. What a guy.

Chris Berman: Barack Obama-Lama couuuld gooooo alllll the wayyyyyy….WHUUUP!!…Was there a banana peel on stage?….Here comes Rawlings Mitt Romney to scoop up the ball….

Tim McCarver: In a situation like this, the challenger will try to throw off the incumbent by attacking his record in office. And that’s exactly what Mitt Romney did tonight.

Dick Vitale: Oh, oh, are you kidding me? Mitt Romney, he’s a PTP player, baby! Only Coach K could have done that better. But then … Continue Reading

John McEnroe, Olympics correspondent? Yep

NBC disclosed its lineup for hosts and correspondents for the Olympics. In the no-surprise department, Bob Costas will be the prime-time host for the millionth time (actually his ninth); Al Michaels and Dan Patrick will share weekday and weekend duties; and Mary Carillo will handle the late-night duties.

However, on the list of correspondents, one name stuck out, and it wasn’t Ryan Seacrest. Rather it was John McEnroe.

The three-time Wimbledon champion as an Olympics correspondent? Now that’s interesting.

According to NBC, McEnroe will appear during NBC’s primetime show, serving as a roving reporter/analyst. He will be doing features, maybe even off-beat stuff.

Clearly, McEnroe has media ambitions beyond talking about tennis. When it was announced last week that he will be ESPN’s lead analyst for Wimbledon, he was asked if he wanted to do something else at the network. … Continue Reading