What they said in 2012: Quotes tell tale of year in sports media

Part 1:

I’m a big quote guy, as evidenced by the quote I run at the top of this site.

While going through my review of sports media in 2012, I came across so many relevant quotes from my reporting and elsewhere, I decided to share them. Some are insightful; some are funny; some are just plain stupid. Yet they all tell a tale of what occurred on this beat.

I had so many, I decided to split them into two posts. Part 1 covers the beginning of the site in April through early August.

Frank Deford on current state of sportswriting: “Unfortunately, we’ve gotten swamped by the numbers. People have gotten buried under the numbers. Statistics. That has become everything. Pitch count is more interesting than what the guy is made of. I think that’s a shame because so … Continue Reading

Top sports media stories in 2012: Spiraling rights fees, ratings; ESPN cleans up; Mixed opening for NBC Sports Net

From my perspective, the biggest sports media story in 2012 occurred on April 16. That’s when ShermanReport.com went live. Then again, I’m biased.

There has been plenty of other sports media news in 2012. Here’s a look:

Infinity: While talking about the outrageous rights fees for sports the other day, Ed Goren, the former top production man at Fox Sports, noted that Fox paid $400 million for its first four-year deal with the NFL in 1994.

“Remember when everyone thought that was out of sight?” Goren said. “Now it’s nothing.”

Indeed, $400 million barely would get you the NFL preseason in today’s market.

The lavish spending continued in 2012. Baseball was the biggest winner, with ESPN, Turner, Fox all re-upping with a new megadeal. As a result, Bud Selig and friends will more than double their annual haul from $750 … Continue Reading

Top newsmakers for 2012: No denying that everyone talked about Skip Bayless

When I launched ShermanReport on April 16, I had some initial concerns that there might not be enough fresh content to do a daily site.

Couldn’t have been more wrong.

There’s so much territory to cover, it can be overwhelming at times. For a solo performer, it is a challenge to keep up. It’s never dull, that’s for sure.

As 2012 nears a close, I’m going to reflect on the year in sports media this week. Today, I begin with newsmakers. My criteria is people who were interesting, intriguing, controversial, and generally seemed to be in the news cycle, for better or worse.

Here we go:

Skip Bayless: Yes, Skip Bayless. I can see your eyes rolling, but name me someone who has generated more sports media talk?

I know he is extremely polarizing, and he routinely gets obliterated from … Continue Reading

Michelle Beadle will launch new NBC Sports Network show in February

For the second time, I was the opening act for Michelle Beadle in the latest Sports Media Weekly podcast with Keith Thibault and Ken Fang. One of us broke some news, and it wasn’t me. Not that anyone would care if I had any news.

Beadle disclosed in the podcast that she will debut a new show called The Crossover on NBC Sports Network during Super Bowl week in New Orleans. She said the show will run 30 minutes Monday through Friday in a late afternoon time slot.

Much like SportsNation, where she made a name for herself on ESPN, the new program will feature a mix of sports and pop culture, she said.

“Basically what I did before again,” Beadle said. “I love sports and pop culture. I never wanted to do only one. They’re giving me a chance to do a … Continue Reading

Michelle Beadle looks to be in line for morning show at NBC Sports Network

Just checked my cable guide for the morning listings on NBC Sports Network.

After its new highlights show, The Lights, the network’s daytime programming for Tuesday features a huge block of outdoors shows from 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. ET

Nothing against hunting and fishing (actually, I have a lot against hunting), but NBC Sports Network isn’t going to compete with ESPN with that kind of programming.

That should change soon. Michelle Beadle looks to be in line for some sort of a morning show on NBC Sports Network.

Network president Jon Miller definitely wants to find a role for Beadle, who joined NBC in the spring. Her duties at Access Hollywood make mornings a likely fit for Beadle on NBCSN.

“We’re trying to find the right format for her,” Miller said. “She could be a perfect morning show for us. … Continue Reading

Andrews react: Twitter followers new barometer of popularity; Fox offered more opportunities

I was amused to see this line in the release announcing Fox Sports’ hiring of Erin Andrews:

Andrews, one of the most-followed sports television personalities on Twitter with over 1.3 million followers, returns to FOX Sports after spending eight years at ESPN.

It’s the first time I can recall seeing Twitter followers as a barometer of popularity. I have to say it’s not as if Andrews is firing up great content on her feed. Here are a couple of samples from the last couple of weeks.

ErinAndrews Yes, I’m the person that walks two terminals away at 6 am to get a sausage biscuit at the airport..don’t judge me #guiltypleasure

ErinAndrews Watching So You Think You Can Dance from last night..I always bawl my face off during this show..amazing talent & real emotions..

Oh, she did have insights … Continue Reading

Beadle on over-coverage of her: It’s ridiculous

Hopefully, we’re about to enter a Michelle Beadle-free zone for a while. But first, one last word from the women herself.

Even Beadle was embarrassed about the excessive amount of attention that has been focused on her in recent weeks. In an interview with USA Today, she said:

I find it ridiculous. It’s a little stupid. I’ve changed jobs a couple dozen times since I started in an amusement park at 16. … I got a little sick of myself. It’s been an odd situation. Hopefully, it will come and go and everybody will get back to their business. Very weird. Who knew?

Of her decision to move to NBC, where she will be involved in sports and entertainment programming, she said:

I’m 36 and I knew whatever I signed next would be a threeish-year deal. If I was 25,

Continue Reading

Breaking: Beadle to get show on NBC Sports Network

NBC officially announced the addition of Michelle Beadle to the roster Monday, and it included this surprise: She will have a new show on the NBC Sports Network.

The release says:

As part of the agreement, NBC Sports Group will develop new programming for NBC Sports Network featuring Beadle.

In an interview with 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis, Beadle said:

A new sports show probably around the end of the summer. I’m not leaving sports.

It makes sense for the NBC Sports Network to develop programming for Beadle. People definitely are interested in her as evidenced by the vast speculation about whether she would leave ESPN. You can bet her new show will generate plenty of advance publicity.

NBC showcased her personality with this quote from Beadle in the release:

This gig is the perfect blend of the two things

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Question: Why so much coverage for women of SportsNation?

Jason McIntyre of Big Lead wrote a long analysis piece on why Charissa Thompson is the likely replacement for Michelle Beadle on ESPN’s SportsNation.

However, McIntyre has a wonderful aside in the second paragraph:

Aside: Clearly, this is the most pub SportsNation has gotten since its inception in 2009. The bandwidth spent on the show over the last month has almost been comical; it’s as if we’re discussing the Monday Night Football booth. Maybe that’s what happens when attractive females are involved? That being said, we trudge onward.

The picture that runs with the post provides the answer. It shows Thompson in a bare shoulder black dress.

Of course, there’s so much focus because these are very attractive women here. I mean, would there be this much fuss if Karl Ravech was leaving Baseball Tonight?

Probably not. Then … Continue Reading