‘Terrifying’ night for Fox Sports tech chief; An appreciation for tech folks

Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News had a story on the reaction in the Fox trucks when disaster struck last night.

Were you cursing at the TV in the fourth inning of Mets-Royals when it went all black?

This couldn’t be happening, right? This was the World Series after all. The picture is not supposed to disappear during a huge event with millions of eyeballs tuned into Fox.

Well, how do you think Mike Davies was feeling? He is Fox Sports’ senior VP/Field and Technical Operations. This was all happening on his watch.

“When something like this happens there is complete darkness in the production truck,” Davies said late Tuesday night over the telephone (which was obviously working). “Then you see all the monitors are dark. No pictures. It’s terrifying.”

Naturally, the Internet erupted and there were plenty of jokes at Fox’s expense. But if you ever met the people who work on the technical side of a telecast, you had to feel for Fox’s crew. The armies of tech folks literally put their hearts and souls into their jobs. Dedication isn’t a strong enough word.

Listen, nothing is perfect in life, but these people are as close to perfect as it gets. Here’s hoping nobody notices them for a long, long time.

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