Thankfully, Stuart Scott’s voice will be heard again with new book

Stuart Scott left us a great gift.

Scott, who died Jan. 4 at the age of 49, details his battle with cancer in a new book “Every Day I Fight.” The official publication date is March 10. ran an excerpt this week. He talks about his zealous determination to not let cancer take him down.

From the excerpt:

“I can’t tell you how important it felt to go from the chemo infusion center to the gym. There were patients at the infusion center who were gaunt and too weak to walk. I wanted to hug them. I wanted to work out for them. It took about fifteen minutes to get to the gym from the infusion center, but I felt like I was traveling a great distance: from the land of the sick to the land of the recovering. I’d work out three or four times a week, but the most important workout was the one right after chemo. It was like I was proving a point: While you kick my butt, cancer, I’m gonna kick yours.

“That first day is when, getting on the elliptical, I noticed the name on the chemo drip. The medical name of the medicine is fluorouracil, but they call it 5-FU. That’s what it said, right there: 5-FU. All right, I thought. A sign. FU, cancer.”

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