Thanksgiving flashback: No. 1 Nebraska vs. No. 2 Oklahoma in 1971; Best Turkey Day game ever

As we prepare to settle in for too much football and way too much food, I thought I would flash back to the best Thanksgiving Day football game ever. And it didn’t come courtesy of the NFL.

On Thanksgiving Day 1971, No. 1 Nebraska played No. 2 Oklahoma in what also might have been the best college football game ever. Definitely in the top 5. Check in around the 1:10 mark for Johnny Rodgers’ sensational punt return.

And it always is good to hear the voice of Chris Schenkel, one of the all-time greats.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Also, since this is a big week for rivalries, Richard Rothschild of selects the best showdowns of the last 50 years.

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