Twitter fallout: Apparently, not everyone agreed with my Marshawn Lynch column

When I got home last night, I had 2,067 notifications on my Twitter feed. And it’s still counting with more reaction coming in this morning.

Guess not everyone agreed with my column about Marshawn Lynch and Skittles that first posted yesterday on the National Sports Journalism Center site at Indiana.

I’ve had fallout before, but not like this. Naturally, some of it was vulgar, which always makes worry about we are going as a society.

I also got the feeling that 98 percent of the people who tweeted never read the column. They were just responding to a 140-character tweet from me or someone else. Try reading the column, people.

However, there were several reasonable, well-considered tweets, and even a couple of creative ones. Appreciate the effort, Jerry Jawns. Thanks


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