Van Gundy rips Bulls over Thibodeau; ‘Lack of class’

Jeff Van Gundy’s calls on Chicago Bulls games definitely will be interesting next year.

During a teleconference Monday for the NBA Finals, Van Gundy went off on the Bulls again in the wake of how they handled the firing of his good friend, Tom Thibodeau.


“I’ve got a couple comments. One, I’m pulling my name out of the Chicago Bulls running for head coach. Nobody has a sense of humor anymore. To me, I think this is that the statement they put out when they let Tom go proves once again that every organization needs a vice president of common sense. Because when you have a high powered public relations business put that out, and then you have multiple people have to co‑sign it to put it out, and it just absolutely reeked of a lack of class. It shows that you just need somebody to say, ‘Whoa.’ Let’s just acknowledge his greatness, Thibodeau’s greatness, and let’s just move on. But it didn’t happen that way.

“In some ways, in an odd way, I think it was good because to me, that statement revealed exactly who each person was. It reveals who Jerry Reinsdorf is. It reveals who Gar Forman is. And Tom Thibodeau’s statement reveals who he is. Everybody had to put their name finally on who they were, and they did. I think that’s great.”


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