Vince Doria on retirement talk: Might stick around just to prove Bob Ley wrong

Vince Doria has 188 followers on Twitter, and yet the ESPN director of news never has posted one tweet.

It was suggested to Doria that he announce his retirement on Twitter as his first and last tweet.

“That might be good, actually,” Doria said.

Is Doria, 66, going to retire? In September, Jason McIntyre of the Big Lead fueled the speculation.

Vince Doria, the journalism titan who is the Senior Vice President and Director of News at ESPN, is leaving the network in February and retiring, three sources tell The Big Lead. Doria, a veteran of the Boston Globe and Philadelphia Inquirer, now oversees Sportscenter, Outside the Lines, and E:60.

When asked about retiring, Doria said there’s been speculation within ESPN every year for a while.

“Listen, as I told all these guys, every year at this time for the last ‑‑ at least four or five years since I turned 60, I think about it and consider my options and decide am I ready to do this?” Doria said. “I don’t think I’m ready to do it yet.  But yeah, for people who want to speculate, it’s not unreasonable speculation.  Bob Ley is telling everybody that he sees that I’m retiring.  Mostly I’m going to stick around just to turn him into a bad source.”



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