Was it a coincidence that two women did interviews with Goodell?

In a previous post, I talked to Christine Brennan about her interview with Roger Goodell in USA Today.

Goodell’s other interview was with Norah O’Donnell of CBS News Tuesday.

That leads to the logical question of whether the NFL elected to grant these interviews to two women. The league obviously has a huge credibility problem with half of the population. Better to have Goodell answer questions from women, right?

I asked Brennan about it.

“Sometime late last night, I read Norah’s interview,” Brennan said. “It did dawn on me that these two interviews were conducted by women. I thought about that and then immediately moved on. I have no idea, to be honest.”

Brennan thought her relationship with Goodell and NFL PR chief Greg Aiello was a factor in her getting the interview.

As for CBS, it seems highly unlikely that the NFL would dictate who would do the interview. If Scott Pelley wasn’t in Iraq on assignment, perhaps he does the interview.

“Norah is a strong broadcast journalist,” Brennan said. “Her credentials are impeccable. The fact that she did the interview did not surprise me at all.”




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