What is wrong with you? More than 12 million viewers tune into Pro Bowl

Really, don’t you have anything better to do? How about reading a book? Or listen to an audio version of a book? I listened to Tina Fey’s Bossypants during a drive to Indiana University last weekend. Very entertaining.

No, it looks like a significant majority of you tuned into NBC’s coverage of the Pro Bowl last night. According to NBC, the game did a 7.7 overnight rating, which means more than 12 million viewers tuned into the dullest and most worthless sporting event on TV.

To make matters worse, it appears as if the game won the night for NBC. A Sunday night in primetime in January, no less.

That rating will just encourage the NFL and the networks to continue playing this charade of a football game. Dare I say it, maybe they’ll even add a second Pro Bowl, much like baseball did when they used to play two All-Star games.

Speaking of baseball, you can’t be happy that the 7.7 rating for the Pro Bowl was higher than the 7.6 average rating for the four games of the World Series. Perhaps, Joe Buck should do next year’s series with Troy Aikman. Might trick a few football fans into watching.

Yes, we love football. Yes, we do.




2 thoughts on “What is wrong with you? More than 12 million viewers tune into Pro Bowl

  1. The Pro Bowl, much like the MLB All Star Game and the NBA and NHL All Star Games are a joke.

    The “best” players don’t get elected, simply the most popular. Big markets dominate voting and half the time the players themselves don’t even want to be there wishing for the three or four days off instead (can’t blame them…)

    They need to can every one of them.

    Mark Liptak

  2. “Meaningless” games get ratings. That’s why I’ve long been an advocate of every MLB Spring Training game being televised, or at least streamed online. There’s an untapped market for it.

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