Whitlock podcasts: Costas wishes he had more time for commentary; Whitley says should have handled tattoo column differently

Jason Whitlock is using his podcast on Fox Sports to focus on the media. He’s been busy this week with shows featuring Bob Costas and David Whitley.

If you follow the media, both podcasts are worth the listen.


Costas definitely owed Whitlock after he quoted extensively from one of his columns during his anti-gun commentary at halftime Sunday night.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with a sports announcer occasionally addressing some of the issues that go beyond the field,” Costas said. “I guarantee you that if I had said, ‘Well, it was a tragedy, but let’s understand that only people commit murder, not gun,’ then (the pro-gun faction) would have stood up and applauded me.”

Costas did say he wished he had more time to discuss other issues related to the tragedy such as domestic violence.

“The time limited my focus,” Costas said. “It left me open to some misunderstandings.”


Whitley appeared on Whitlock’s podcast Monday to address his SportingNews.com column about Colin Kaepernick and his tattoos. Whitley sent me a response Friday morning, but he wasn’t fully aware of the extreme backlash at the time. He definitely was by the time he talked to Whitlock.

“This isn’t one of my prouder moments,” Whitley said. “If I had to do it over again, I’d do it differently…My intent was to be thought provoking. I wasn’t trying to start a race war. I regret that it came to that.”

Whitlock chastised Whitley for mentioning in his response to me that he has adopted two African-American children.

“Your defense of the column was so flippant,” Whitlock said. “I was disappointed that you brought up your two adopted daughters….It was like, ‘I’ve adopted two black people, therefore you can’t accuse me or being racially unfair and insensitive.’ We’re all capable of being unfair and having blind spots.”

Whitley responded: “It’s not the first time I’ve been accused of racism. I never mentioned them before. But here, suddenly I was the face of the KKK in America. Then I was asked for a comment. I thought, ‘What does a guy have to do?’ I threw that in there to try to calm the fire.”




One thought on “Whitlock podcasts: Costas wishes he had more time for commentary; Whitley says should have handled tattoo column differently

  1. Whitley’s response invoking his adopted daughters was perfectly appropriate, precisely because it so definitively rebuts the charge of racism. It only is seen as inappropriate by those who define a racist as anyone who disagrees with them.

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