Who hires Lane Kiffin? ESPN or Fox Sports 1?

Expect Lane Kiffin to do what all high profile coaches in limbo do: Become a network analyst.

While Kiffin ticked pretty much everyone at all of his stops (Oakland, Tennessee, and USC), he still is a big name commodity. And he’s in the news. Also, Kiffin is young and personable, good traits for TV.

The networks know that viewers will tune in to see what he has to say, especially early on. Fox Sports 1, which could use some buzz for its college football coverage, would be smart to make a play for him.

Kiffin also has incentive to wear the microphone. He needs to maintain a national profile if he hopes to land another coaching job. However, that’s a big if after the USC disaster.

Unlike a few years ago, the line for Kiffin’s services now is much shorter.


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