Why does Washington nickname debate have to be framed as liberals vs. conservatives?

In his poorly-worded diatribe about the Washington nickname, Mike Ditka threw out this statement: “We’re going to let the liberals of the world run this world?”

Indeed, whenever I write about the debate over whether to keep the name, I often get tweets or comments saying all the fuss is due to a bunch of liberals.

In responding to a post this week about Phil Simms’ stand on the issue, a reader wrote: “Give me a break. Tempest in a Liberal Teapot.”

Really, this about liberals and conservatives?

Does that mean conservative have a lack of sensitivity to a group of Americans, Native Americans in this case, who say the Washington nickname is extremely offensive?

What’s so hard to understand? The team’s nickname is based on the color of someone’s skin. Nowhere in society would you be allowed to use that reference when discussing Native Americans or the heritage of anyone else. Except, of course, for the NFL team that plays in the nation’s capital.

This isn’t about liberals and conservative or political correctness run amok. This is about a level of decency, understanding and compassion.

Plain and simple: If a large group of people say they are offended by a nickname that is related to their heritage, you don’t say, “Get over it.” You change make the change.




3 thoughts on “Why does Washington nickname debate have to be framed as liberals vs. conservatives?

  1. Agree it shouldn’t be about what side of the political isle you stand on.

    Don’t know how accurate these polls are but every one I’ve seen, the majority of those who voted are in favor of Washington keeping the Redskins name for what it’s worth.

  2. There are two Americas. Those that are for the collective good (labelled liberals) and those that look at life’s decisions (taxes, social justice, etc) on how it affects them. In this case, there just aren’t enough red faces to force the issue on that 2nd half.

  3. You should interview former Washington player Chris Cooley. He has an interesting take/experience regarding this issue and his personal dealings with native Americans.. Very different from your point-of-view.

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