Why is Britt McHenry story news?

Seriously, I’m interested in knowing why social media is exploding over a person most people barely know about before yesterday?

Why does a bad moment in someone’s personal life suddenly become news?

Did McHenry’s behavior merit a suspension from ESPN?

What does the entire saga say about our priorities in news coverage?

Please stay tuned for more on this issue.



7 thoughts on “Why is Britt McHenry story news?

  1. It’s news because she’s a pseudo-celeb behaving badly. If she was Britt McHenry, local TV newsperson, it would be a small story. Because she’s w/ESPN – a network with a history of announcers behaving badly – the story goes national.
    Oh, and people just love getting worked up over nothing.

  2. I would suggest the deeply derogatory, insulting, and sickening superiority she displays catches a cultural nerve. Instead of having any humanity, humility or gratefulness for her good fortune, she concisely demonstrates the worst aspects of even minor celebrity. A termination would be more appropriate than a short suspension: so that the network could demonstrate to viewers and employees alike this is never to be tolerated.

  3. People who make a living in the public eye and whose stock-in-trade is being genial and convivial are fair game to be exposed when they are being disingenuous.

    Plus, we love tearing down people we’ve only marginal knowledge of, as long as they have attractive headshots.

  4. Mr. Sherman:

    Ever since Marshawn Lynch’s obnoxious media snub at the super bowl, I have become aware of the Sherman Report. You called for all sportswriters to boycott skittles, because they helped Lynch mock the media in a YouTube ad. Now when a fellow member of the media acts even more obnoxiously, on camera, you say why is this such a big story. It seems to me that when athlete acts badly, they are huge jerks. But when a a fellow member of the media acts badly they are misunderstood. Your opinions are way too biased, and because of that it is very hard to take your opinion seriously. It’s no wonder why so many people have so much contempt for sportswriters.

  5. I’d say McHenry’s actions most definitely warranted a suspension. In fact if I were the CEO of ESPN McHenry would have been fired five minutes after the video finished uploading to YouTube.

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