Why did Sports Illustrated pass on Posnanski book excerpts?

Here’s the latest as my site has become “Sherman on Paterno book” today:

According to Deadspin, Sports Illustrated passed on an opportunity to run excerpts from Posnanski’s Paterno book.  Deadspin said GQ will publish an excerpt from the book.

John Koblin writes:

But sources at (SI) who read Paterno in galleys say the biography is short on fresh details about the Jerry Sandusky scandal. And Posnanski apparently didn’t wring much out of Paterno that wasn’t already on the record, our sources say.

A source at SI told me after reading the manuscript, “it wasn’t very hard to turn down.”

Wow. Given Posnanski’s skill as a writer and reporter, I find it hard to believe that there isn’t enough compelling material to at least do an excerpt. Posnanski had access post-scandal through the final days of Paterno’s life. Did he really pull a complete whiff there?

Also, isn’t there some value from SI’s perspective to run an excerpt for what is the most anticipated sports book in years? Run the piece and let people judge for themselves. And keep in mind, Posnanski was a feature writer at SI before leaving earlier this year. He’s got friends in the building.

It doesn’t make sense to me. Was there more involved, such as money?

Then again, what if the book really isn’t that good? As I wrote earlier, Posnanski can’t be sleeping well these days.





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