Will James Brown decline to use Washington nickname this year on NFL Today?

The Washington Post’s DC Sports Blog has a post on how D.C.-area native James Brown thinks it is time to get rid of Washington’s nickname.

It is interesting to note that CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus is giving his NFL announcers the choice of whether they want to refer to the nickname this year. Sounds like JB will be talking about the team from Washington.

From the post:

I firmly believe that this is a people issue. If, in fact — to me, this is my opinion only, not representing CBS Sports, or News — if the name is offensive to a group of people, then do the right thing and change the name. It’s as simple as that.

“I know people will engage in an argument and say, well it hasn’t been an issue all this time. Yeah, well, the civil rights issue was one where ‘that’s just the way it was’ for a long period of time, right? So that holds no basis and substance to me. Do the right thing. You know, a number of years ago, when I was a kid, there was a restaurant chain called Sambo’s, which, as I understand was the last name of two guys who owned the restaurant chain. But it was offensive to black people, so they changed the name, except for the one franchise in California I believe it was. Well, so, if in fact it’s offensive to Native Americans — and there doesn’t have to be unanimity on this, and don’t just have a intractable attitude saying, I’m not going to change — that’s wrong as far as I’m concerned. I’ll get in trouble with that, but I stand on principle.”



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