Will KC-SF produce all-time low rating? Fox really needs a 7-game Series

On the one hand, Kansas City is a great story. America loves an underdog, and the small market Royals returning to the World Series fills the bill.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of other hands for this year’s World Series.

The series features two wildcard teams, neither of which won 90 games. There is a huge vacuum of star power.

Kansas City doesn’t have a George Brett to give it instant identity. However, you can be sure Fox will show plenty of shots of Brett cheering in his private box.

While the Giants could win their third World Series in the last five years, they might go down as the dullest dynasty of all time. Buster Posey is a great player, but you don’t stop everything to watch him at the plate.

The Giants have not been much-watch TV.

The Giants’ last World Series appearance produced an all-time low 7.6 rating in 2012. OK, blame the four-game sweep.

Well, in 2010, the Giants’ five-game victory over Texas delivered an 8.4, the second lowest in the last five years after 2012.

So what’s the over-under prediction for this year’s Series?

Anything less than six games seems certain to produce an all-time low rating. Bet the under at 7.6.

Fox and MLB really need this Series to go at least six games and probably seven to capture the casual sports fan. Even then, last year’s Boston-St. Louis match-up, which went six games featuring two storied franchises, only did a 8.9 rating.

The odds seem stacked against KC-SF producing a decent rating. But maybe Fox will get lucky, and will get a terrific World Series.





One thought on “Will KC-SF produce all-time low rating? Fox really needs a 7-game Series

  1. Ed,

    It just doesn’t matter any more. You could have the ’27 Yankees playing the ’76 Reds this Sunday night, and 85% of the sports viewers will be watching Green Bay at New Orleans on NBC.

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