World Series: MLB tempting fate going into November; all games in ’85 Series were under 3 hours

World Series 2015A few World Series notes:

As I wrote, yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the greatest day ever: The White Sox winning the 2005 World Series.

Here’s one more important note: The ’05 Series ended on Oct. 26. I know, it was a sweep. Nevertheless, this year’s World Series will start tonight, which is Oct. 27.

If this year’s World Series goes the distance, the seventh game will be on Nov. 4. That is way too late.

The addition of the wildcard round has pushed back the schedule, but that isn’t the only culprit. The season didn’t start until Sunday, April 5, with the bulk of the openers on Monday, April 6.

MLB needs to push up its openers to near April 1 and find a way to condense the 162-game schedule to produce an earlier finish to the regular season. A few doubleheaders should do the trick.

The weather looks favorable in Kansas City and New York, so MLB might be fortunate this year. But if baseball keeps rolling the dice, they  will have snow on them one of their years. Given the Cubs luck, they finally get to the World Series only to have the Wrigley Field games snowed out by a early November blizzard.

Even beyond the weather, by going so late, the World Series now goes up against the start of the NBA season. LeBron James will take away eyeballs from Game 1 tonight. Surely, Fox could do without the additional sports competition.

We live in a short attention span era, and it is asking a lot for sports viewers to remain interested in baseball into November. Going forward, MLB needs to make sure the Fall Classic doesn’t become the Winter Classic.


This tidbit comes compliments of old Tribune colleague Richard Rothschild:

The last time Kansas City won the World Series in 1985, all seven games were played in three hours or less; 5 of the games were under 2:50.

Game 1: 2:48

Game 2: 2:44

Game 3: 2:59

Game 4: 2:19 (!!!)

Game 5:  2:52

Game 6: 2:47

Game 7: 2:46

Just saying. It shows how much the game has changed in the last 30 years.





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